Superlok - UHP Diaphragm Valves

Elevating Precision: Ultra High Purity Diaphragm Valves in Critical Industries

Ultra High Purity Diaphragm Valves are precision-engineered components designed for critical applications in semiconductor manufacturing and high-purity industries. Their hermetic seal and contamination-free construction ensure the utmost purity and reliability, making them essential for maintaining stringent quality standards in the production of advanced electronic devices and specialty chemicals.

Optimizing Ultra High Purity Gas Piping Systems

Economic Performance and Longevity

  • Diaphragm valves offer economic benefits with high performance and extended cycle life.

Certified Clean Room Assembly

  • Electro-polished and D.I. water cleaned diaphragm valves are assembled, tested, and packaged in a certified clean room.

Gas Control and Analyzer Sampling

  • Diaphragm valves play a crucial role in shut-off isolation within gas control systems and analyzer sampling systems.

Superlok UHP Diaphragm Valves Details

The diaphragm valve serves economical, high performance and long cycle life time. – Electro-polished, D.I. water cleaned, assembled, tested and packaged in a certified clean room. – The diaphragm valve is used for shut-off isolation in gas control systems, and analyzer sampling systems.

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