Superlok Check Valves: Uncompromised Flow Control Solutions

Superlok is your trusted partner in delivering precision-engineered check valves for a wide range of applications. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we offer an extensive selection of check valves designed to ensure the reliability and efficiency of your fluid control systems. Explore our diverse range of check valve types:

Types of Superlok Check Valves

Explore our diverse range of check valve types

SPCV Check Valves

Our SPCV (Spring-Loaded Poppet Check Valve) series represents a fundamental choice for reliable flow control. These check valves are designed with a spring-loaded poppet mechanism that ensures a tight seal and prevents backflow. Whether you're dealing with liquid or gas, the SPCV check valves maintain consistent, unidirectional flow.More Info

SHCV High Pressure Check Valves

When your applications demand precision under extreme pressures, the SHCV (Super High-Pressure Check Valve) series delivers. Crafted from robust materials and engineered to withstand high-pressure environments, these check valves are your solution for critical systems where safety and reliability are paramount.More Info

One Piece Check Valves

Superlok's one piece check valves are designed for simplicity and efficiency. These compact and streamlined valves provide a straightforward solution for preventing reverse flow, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial and process applications.More Info

Adjustable Check Valves

Flexibility is key in some fluid control systems, and Superlok's adjustable check valves offer the versatility you need. With the ability to fine-tune the cracking pressure, these valves allow you to control flow precisely to meet your specific requirements.More Info

Why Choose Superlok Check Valves:

Precision and Reliability

Superlok check valves are engineered to the highest standards, ensuring precision, durability, and consistent performance.

Wide Application Range

Our diverse range of check valve types caters to various industries and applications, from standard flow control to high pressure and specialized needs.

Unidirectional Flow

Superlok check valves guarantee unidirectional flow, preventing backflow and maintaining system integrity.


For high-pressure applications, our SHCV series provides the safety and dependability you can trust.

Ease of Use

One-piece and adjustable check valves are designed for easy integration into your systems, minimizing complexity and maintenance requirements.


We understand that every application is unique. Superlok offers customization options to ensure our check valves meet your exact specifications.

Superlok Check Valves Details

Superlok check valves are the choice of professionals worldwide, ensuring uninterrupted flow control and preventing costly system failures. Whether you require a standard check valve, a high-pressure solution, or an adjustable option, Superlok has the ideal check valve to suit your needs. Contact us today to discover how our check valves can enhance the efficiency and reliability of your fluid control systems.

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