SUPERLOK Manifold Valves

Superlok Instrumentation Manifold Valves: Precision and Versatility

Superlok’s instrumentation manifold valves are engineered to provide precise control and flexibility in fluid handling applications. Whether you require a 2-way, 3-way, or 5-way manifold valve, Superlok has the solution to meet your specific requirements. Our manifold valves are designed for exceptional performance in various industries and can withstand demanding conditions.

Types of Superlok Manifold Valves

Types of Superlok Instrumentation Manifold Valves:

2-Way Manifold Valves

Superlok's 2-way manifold valves provide a simple and efficient solution for isolating or diverting fluid flow in a system. They are suitable for applications where on/off control is required.

3-Way Manifold Valves

Our 3-way manifold valves offer versatility by allowing the redirection of flow in multiple directions. They are ideal for applications requiring switching between different process lines or controlling the mixing of fluids.

5-Way Manifold Valves

Superlok's 5-way manifold valves are designed for complex fluid control systems. These valves enable multiple functions, such as shutoff, calibration, and venting, making them suitable for advanced applications.

Why Choose Superlok Instrumentation Manifold Valves:

Precision Control

Superlok manifold valves provide precise control over fluid flow, ensuring accurate measurements and system performance.


With 2-way, 3-way, and 5-way options, our manifold valves can accommodate a wide range of fluid control needs.

High Pressure and Temperature Handling

The impressive pressure and temperature ratings of our manifold valves make them suitable for a variety of challenging environments and applications.


The 316 stainless steel construction and PTFE packing ensure the longevity and reliability of Superlok manifold valves

Chemical Resistance

PTFE packing enhances resistance to corrosive chemicals, making these valves suitable for use with a wide range of fluids.

Superlok Instrumation Manifold Valves

Superlok instrumentation manifold valves are the solution of choice for professionals who demand precision, reliability, and versatility in their fluid control systems. Whether you need to isolate, divert, or mix fluids, Superlok has the perfect manifold valve to optimize your operations. Contact us today to learn more about how Superlok manifold valves can enhance your fluid control processes.

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