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SUPERLOK Tube Fittings are designed with the same form, fit, function and dimensions as Swagelok and Parker. Superlok Tube Fittings will seamlessly  interchange with these brands, while dramatically reducing cost and maintaining the quality our customers demand. Leak-free connection under various tests such as temperature cycling, vibration, hydro static, tensile, etc. The Nut and body threads on a SUEPRLOK fitting’s OD are constructed in accordance with ASME B1.1 and the thread tolerances are controlled as specified in ASME B.1.1.  This tolerance ensures consistent make-up every time. Upon request we can provide the “SGS intermixability & interchangeability burst-test certificate.

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Interchange Testing

  • Our test assembly includes a mix of 1/4”, 1/2”, and 3/4” tube fittings & tubing.
  • We purposefully utilized intermixed and interchanged tube fitting connections to demonstrate leak-free compatibility.
  • Internal pressure within the assembly is monitored using a calibrated digital pressure gauge.
  • The assembly is then placed completely underwater so that even the slightest leak can easily be observed.
  • An inlet needle valve is opened allowing 2,500 psig of Nitrogen into the assembly as read on the gauge.
  • Now exposed to full bottle pressure, all connections are checked closely for any bubbles indicating leakage. There is no leakage. 

Mixed Ferrule Fittings and Stainless Tubing

The completed assembly, made up of intermixed and interchanged two ferrule tube fittings as well as standard wall 1/4" and 1/2" annealed stainless tubing.

Legacy Tee With Mixed Superlok Connections

The left port of this Legacy Brand tee utilizes Superlok nut & ferrules creating an intermixed connection. The top port is swaging onto a Superlok FNPT tube adapter creating an interchanged connection. And the right port seals using a Superlok reducing port connector.

1/4" Union Elbow With Mixed Superlok Connections

The nut & ferrules on the top port of this 1/4" union elbow were replaced with Superlok nut & ferrules creating an intermixed connection. On the left port a Superlok tube stub is swaged onto creating an interchanged connection.

3/4" Superlok Union Elbow With Mixed Connections

A 3/4" Superlok union elbow with a Superlok plug on the bottom port. In the right port, Superlok ferrules are swaged onto a Legacy Brand 3/4" x 1/2" reducer using the standard 1-1/4 turn procedure.

Mixed Connector Setup

Here the ferrules on the Legacy Brand tee are discarded to accept the flared side of a 1/2" Superlok port connector. Opposite, a Legacy Brand 1/4" Union elbow is swaged onto the same 1/4" Superlok port connector.

Reverse Mixed Connection on Superlok Needle Valve

In the reverse scenario, the 1/4" nut & ferrules were replaced with Legacy Brand nut & ferrules on this Superlok needle valve creating another intermixed connection.

No leakage when fittings, nuts and ferrules are interchanged

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