The Superlok® Dielectric Fittings are designed to insulate subsystems from electrical current, voltages and static charges. Installed on impulse lines ahead of monitoring stations in natural gas pipelines, the fittings interrupt cathodic current flow while permitting full fluid flow.

 Metal components are machined from 316 stainless steel for use in rugged environments.  Thermoplastic insulation with excellent electrical, chemical and ultraviolet resistance. Low water absorption maintains dielectric strength and integrity over a wide range of operating and climatic conditions.  Gaugeable SUPERLOK® Tube Fitting or tapered pipe thread end connections provide direct connection to tubing or piping system. 

Materials : 316 Stainless Steel

 Insulator : PEEK

O-ring Material : 70 durometer VITON

 Back-up Washer : Virgin PTFE

Technical Data  Electraical resistance of insulators at 70°F (20°C) : 10 X 106 Ω at 10V (dc)  Pressure Rating : 5000 psig (344 bar)  Temperature Rating : -40 to 200°F (-40 to 93°C)