UHP-Weld-Metal Seal Fittings

Maximum Working Pressure:
8500psi (585bar) @ 100°F (38°C)
Working Temperature Range:
up to 1000°F (537°C)


Bulkhead Reducing Union

Reducing Union

Union Cross

Bulkhead Union

Weld End

Male Elbow

45° Male Elbow

45° Positionable Male Elbow

Positionable Male Elbow

Spare Part

Stainless Steel Fractional Tube Pressure Ratings

Bored - Through Fittings for Thermocouples

SUPERLOK Bored-Through Fittings accommodate thermocouples or dip tubes. To order suffix “-TM” to the Size designator. (Example : SU-8-TM, SMC-8-8N-TM-B)

Note – The root diameter of the pipe thread end of male connectors makes it impractical to bore through all male connectors.

UHP-Weld-Metal Seal Fittings DEtails

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