Superlok Male Pipe Weld Connector (SPWC)

Reliable and Precise Connections with SPWC Male Pipe Weld Connectors

The Superlok Male Pipe Weld Connector, often abbreviated as SPWC, is a specialized component designed for use in various piping systems. This connector plays a crucial role in providing a reliable and secure connection between a male pipe thread and a welded joint. It is commonly used across a wide range of industries where precision and dependable connections are essential for efficient fluid or gas conveyance within piping systems.

Connects Fractional Tubes To Pipe

Connects Metric Tubes To Pipe

Note: Superlok Welds Ends are constructed per schedule 80 walls thickness or greater. Weld End: B31.1 and B3.3.

Weld End SUPERLOK Usage Informations:

  • Do Weld after Removing Nut Ferrules from removing nut and ferrules from body to protect them from weld heat.
  • Do protect threaded end pot or seat area of SUPERLOK body with another nut and plug.(for easy disassembly just finger tighten  it.
  • Correct weld procedure is required during weld and after weld complition, suitable heat treatment must be carried out in accordance with industries or your own standard.

Industry Leaders Using Superlok

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